E- Terrorists or OGWs?

Home Ministry must ensure strict action.


While security forces were busy trying to rescue a kashmiri family from the evil clutches of terrorists many terror sympathizers were busy mocking the defence personnel and  supporting the pak agenda of Jammu Kashmir being disputed territory. Twitteratis from Jammu and Kashmir identified and reported many of  these profiles, peddling pakistan’s agenda, to cyber police in jammu and Kashmir division.

There’s no doubt that many of these twitter handles are directly controlled by Pakistan from Islamabad. But, to everyone’s surprise there are people working in govt departments of Jammu and Kashmir who were celebrating the martyrdom of security forces in Handwara as well as peddling the Pakistan’s agenda.

Twitteratis, without wasting any time, brought these profiles to the notice of Jammu Kashmir Police Officers handling Cyber Crimes.  A profile of a govt servant in forest department was shared on social media where he can seen mocking the supreme sacrifice Handwara Martyrs. Officer Pranav mahajan (@pranavmahajan) was first to respond & took a note of same.

E Terrorist1

Another profile where a facebook user is seen making fun of Armed forces, officer Pranav Mahajan responded “This coward will be taught a lesson soon as many of his ilk have been”, from his popular twitter handle.

E Terrorist2

Another profile of a Jammu and Kashmir Revenue services employee, peddling Pakistan’s agenda on Kashmir,  was widely shared by many twitteratis and DM Udhampur Dr. Piyush Singla(@dr_piyushsingla) was tagged in these posts. Dr. Singla responded on twitter. “Strict action shall be taken”, he responded from his twitter handle.

E Terrorist3      E Terrorist4

TakeActionOnETerroristsTwitteratis have been demanding strict actions against people  who are mocking Armed forces on social media and / or peddling fake narratives of Pakistan and terrorists. There have been voices over social media to treat all such persons as Over Ground Workers (OGWs) of terrorist organizations. Home Ministry under Amit Shah must pass on strict directions to concerned departments, so that an example may be set of it so that all such people have a fear of law. The govt must also identify all these people and devoid them of free education, medical treatment, ration cards, passports, jobs  and all such benefits that are available to Indian citizens.

(Jk Speaks makes it clear that Whole of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh including POK, Gilgit & Baltistan is India’s undisputed part.)