Less testing projecting few covid positive cases in Jammu?

Or Jammuites have developed immunity for Covid-19??


With everyday rise in corona positive cases in union territory of jammu and kashmir, today the total number has risen to 494 cases with 437 cases in kashmir division and 57 cases in jammu division. Total number of deaths due to covid-19 has also risen to 6 in the union territory.

Now one may be surprised by looking at huge difference in number of positive cases in both the divisions of union territory jammu and kashmir.

20200425_204203Today jammu & kashmir’s principal secretary planning Rohit Kansal claimed in one of his tweet that #UTJK conducted 1071 covid-19 tests in last 24 hours. Of which 40 covid positive patients have been identified in kashmir division. It is also claimed that #UTJK has crossed 1000 tests/ 24 hrs mile stones for the first time since the pandemic started.

So is it appropriate to assume that number of covid positive patients in jammu is less because less testing is being done in jammu division or jammuites have developed an immune system to keep covid-19 at bay. We don’t think so. Therefore the administration must bring transparency by including the numbers of covid tests performed in both the divisions.

Further, though no political party or leader from jammu has asked the separate numbers of tests being done in each division & are busy posing in various donation opportunities to the needy and poor, people on social media have started asking the administration to clearly stating number of daily covid testing in each division. The LG administration must instruct the concerned authorities to be transparent in sharing the data of daily covid testing in each division.